Professional Roles Framework




If thé engineer does not exist, then who does?


The Professional Roles Framework for Future Engineers describes three roles that engineering graduates can take on in the early stage of their career according to following criteria:


  1. focus on young engineers;
  2. independent of discipline or sector;
  3. endorsed by all stakeholders (professional field and higher education);
  4. dynamic to use.





A systematic literature review on different types of engineers or overarching frameworks to classify the wide variety on engineering positions, resulted in a framework based on the value disciplines of Treacy and Wiersema.

The results were presented at the University-Industry Cooperation Conference in Londen (2018).




11 in-company and one mixed expert panels were organised to identify the key professional competences for each of the professional roles. 87 engineers and HR managers or recruiters discussed in a two hour round a table what competences an engineer should posses in order to be succesful in one of the roles.


A meta panel with 9 experts from companies of different sectors worked with the outcomes of the 12 panels. This ended up in three competency profiles for engineering graduates


Many thanks to all the participants of the expert panels!


The expert panels were organised in following companies:



Also a big thank you to Louis Van Hoye, Katrien Vranckx, Sander Van den Dries and Bart Vlaeyen.



Meta-panel with participants of following companies:

Finally, we would like to thank BDO, PREFER project partner, for moderating the panels

The PREFER project is cofunded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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