Curriculum elements - Boot camp time!

Curriculum elements: Boot camp time @ TU Delft!

Based on the Problem Based Learning (PBL) philosophy, teams of students will need to explain to primary school children what an engineer does.

Currently, Mariana Leandro Cruz (TU Delft) is developing a week long course in the style of a boot camp which intends to stimulate reflection on professional competencies and practice of the professional engineering roles. In this way, the boot camp will immerse students for a full week in the professional roles framework!

In a first stage, the 3 professional roles (Product Leadership, Operational Excellence, and Customer Intimacy) will be thoroughly explained to students and they are given the opportunity to put the roles in practice. To develop product leadership skills, students have to work in teams to generate ideas and a product according to the customer’s needs. Students will optimize the products as part of operational excellence. And, finally, to develop customer intimacy, students will interview customers to understand their needs, and will be learning persuasive techniques to convey and defend their products to a jury. This boot camp will take place for the first time from October 22nd to October 26th 2018 and will involve Master students of different engineering backgrounds of TU Delft.

Finally, the Chinese whisper communication exercise developed by Mariana was replicated at a summer school at KU Leuven with students of KU Leuven and FH Dortmund. The results of the two implementations showed that this activity is easy to implement in different contexts and it helped students to understand the importance of clear communication.

The PREFER project is cofunded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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