Communication and lifelong learning curriculum elements piloted at TU Delft

Communication and lifelong learning curriculum elements piloted at TU Delft

With this set of competencies, she conducted a questionnaire to industry representatives in order to explore not only what competencies are important for engineering students but what competency level industry requires from them at Bachelor and Master graduation. The main results of this study (which will be submitted later on) showed that Bachelor students required lower competency levels than Master students, and that industry representatives with different years of experience and of different company sizes perceived similar student competency levels. This competency model will be further validated with aerospace engineering students in autumn 2018.

The findings of the previous investigation were used as a starting point to develop and implement curriculum elements aimed at enhancing the competency levels of engineering students at TU Delft. More specifically, the first curriculum elements focus on communication and lifelong learning and  are piloted in an existing course at the Aerospace Engineering faculty of TU Delft. The design, implementation and results of the elements will be presented at SEFI 2018 Conference in Copenhagen.

Master students at TU Delft used this picture in a communication excercise based on the Chinesse whisperer game.

Mariana Leandro Cruz, the PhD researcher from TU Delft, has been working intensively on the design of curriculum elements which focus on the acquisition of transversal skills. To achieve this aim, she firstly selected competencies which students need to be successful in the labour market. This selection is based on a thorough literature search as well as on the competence model of Siemens Netherlands.

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