Full-week immersion for the PREFER PhD Researchers

Full-week immersion for the PREFER PhD Researchers

Exchanging knowledge and ideas, constructive feedback on previous or current work, and future collaboration. That was the aim of the PhD Mobility Week from Monday January 28th to Friday February 1st in Dublin.   

During that week, each researcher presented past and current research activities, shared good practices or pinpointed (un)foreseen obstacles. The discussions led to new approaches that may provide strong data or to new insights for future research. Ideas for journal publications were also debated at this stage.

The researchers also focused on future work and future collaboration. More specifically on (1) how to create students’ awareness of professional roles and the need for visualisation of the roles, (2) user experience data in the development of the test tool and (3) (re)run and piloting the curriculum elements at the three universities.

There was also time to share knowledge and experiences with experts in the field of engineering education. An advisory session on qualitative research methods was led by Una Beagon, researcher of the CREATE Research Group at TU Dublin. She discussed thematic analysis, phenomenographic interviewing and provided general recommendations for carrying out qualitative research.

The PhD researchers also had the chance to engage in a very interesting discussion with the careers advisor at TU Dublin, Mr. Peter Lewis on career development and employability of engineering students. Self-awareness and how to develop transversal skills were key elements in both our work and interests.

At the end of the week, the PhD researchers participated in a very interesting workshop on 'Getting Published in Engineering Education Journals' by prof. dr. Bill Williams. Afterwards, each researcher gratefully took the opportunity to discuss their PhD work with prof. dr. Williams.

Overall, the PhD mobility week was an excellent opportunity for interaction and knowledge sharing among the PhD researchers and to identify possible collaborations and paper publications among the partner universities. Last but not least, it was very fruitful and important to discuss the PREFER research work with experts in the engineering education field.

The PREFER project is cofunded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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