PREFER team visits ESB Hydro Power Plant

PREFER site visit to ESB Hydro Powerplant

The third day of the mobility week started with a site visit to the ESB Hydro Power Station on Turlough Hill, 60 kilometers South of Dublin.   

The visit was organized by ESB representative Denis Kelly in order to familiarize the PREFER team with some of the operational activities of ESB. The site visit proved to be an excellent opportunity for the team to get acquainted with what is actually required from young engineers once they enter the labor market. A first-hand experience with the rigorous safety measures in the plant was very inspirational and a great opportunity to see how different elements of the contemporary engineering curriculum (mechanics, control systems, fluid dynamics, electricity,…) merge in engineering practice.

Additionally, the site viste  proved to  be  very valuable to  apply the  Professional Roles Model in engineering practice.  For example, in operating the plant,  a high  degree of stress resistance is required in order to properly deal with safety emergencies (e.g., fire hazard).

The PREFER project is cofunded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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