SEFI 2018 Workshop - Let's get to work!

SEFI 2018 Workshop - Let's get to work!

During a 2-hour hands-on session, the workshop participants received the opportunity to get a first-hand experience on the items that we have developed for the competence test.

The aim of the competence test is to give engineering students the chance to explore their strenghts and weakness with respect to the competences that were defined in the expert panels with industry. In small groups, participants evaluated the link between a particular case and the competence it was supposed to measure. In a second stage, participants were requested to rank the level of appropriateness of the four different responses belonging to each case. Altogether, the comments and critical remarks of the participants were a valuable source of input for the test development team of the PREFER project (consisting of researchers of DIT and HR professionals of BDO). In the next months, the test will be further validated among a wide variety of stakeholders.

The PREFER project is cofunded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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