PREFER @ the SEFI 2018 Conference

PREFER @ the SEFI 2018 Conference

From September 17-21st of September, the 46th SEFI Annual Conference is taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark. A full session with four paper presentations will be dedicated to the research activities of the PREFER project. Additionally, an interactive workshop will be organized on the topic of university-industry cooperation.

The European Society for Engineering Education (SEFI) is a network organization that represents the community of all people involved in engineering education in Europe.

Following PREFER papers will be presented at the SEFI 2018 conference:

  • Pinxten, M., Saunders, G., & Langie, G. (2018). Comparison of 1st year students conceptions on their future roles as engineers between Belgium and The Netherlands.
  • Craps. S., Pinxten, M., Knipperath, H. & Langie, G. (2018). Wanted: super(wo)man A study to define professional roles for future engineers by distinctive professional competences.
  • Leandro-Cruz, M. & Saunders, G. (2018). Design and implementation of new communication and lifelong learning elements in a master engineering course.
  • Carthy, D., Gaughan, K., & Bowe, B. (2018).What are the engineering professional competences?

The PREFER project is cofunded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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