Test tool development - The HR perspective

Test tool development: The HR perspective

In the first week of October 2018, HR and engineering professionals from our industry partners in Siemens, ENGIE and ESB carefully reviewed the Situational Judgement Test (SJT) in the framework of the validation process.

In a 3-hour workshop supervised by Darren Carthy (DIT), Maarten Pinxten (KU Leuven) and Elies Hendrickx (BDO), HR representatives of the different companies, supplemented with engineering profiles, commented on the different items that were developed for each of the 23 key competences. Each item consists of a realistic engineering case wherein students will need to evaluate the level of appropriateness of four different behavioural responses.

In a second validation cycle, DIT researchers are organizing focus group discussions with 40 engineering academics with industry experience from the school of civil, mechanical and electrical engineering. These focus groups will take place from the 29th of October to the 2nd of November 2018.

The third stage of the face validation will then take place with practicing engineers, who will be provided with the test tool in an online format. This stage will take place in the first semester of 2019. In this way, the face validation process will be triangulated with critical perspectives from HR, academics and practicing engineers being taken into consideration.

Darren also carried out the PREFER job vacancy questionnaire on a cohort of 90 first-year engineering students at DIT. The results will be compared with the results from TU Delft and KU Leuven and form the basis for a publication in 2019.

The PREFER project is cofunded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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