As part of this project several curriculum elements have been developed and tested by TU Delft to allow students to (further) develop their transversal skills.

Each of these elements can either be embedded in a course or in some cases even be used as a stand alone course.

For each element we have provided as much documentation as possible so that it will be easy to implement.

All elements are OpenCourseWare meaning they are free to use.

They are licensed under the Creative Commons license of: CC-BY-SA-4.0.

Communicating is more than just talking: Chinese Whispers with a Twist (1h)

Are you sure you understand what I mean?
This element teaches students to communicate clearly, to listen, and to ask appropriate questions with an engineering twist to the Children’s game of Chinese Whispers.

Innovation Bootcamp CDIO style (40h)

In teams, conceive, design, build & operate an innovative product in one week for an external client and experience all three engineer roles.

This one-week, intensive project allows students to (further) develop teamwork, innovation, communication, feedback and reflection skills whilst experiencing the three main engineering roles.

Life Long Learning: the power of reflection (30 min)

Being able to reflect on one’s own learning is a critical skill to develop for Life Long learning.

Adapting your communication Style: Write a press release for mainstream media on your research (4h)

This short workshop allows students to practice communicating their results to the real world and adapting their communication to their audience

The PREFER project is cofunded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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