Professional Roles Model


The model was developed to enhance professional and self-awareness by enhancing reflection regarding:

  • Skills mismatch
    • Are engineering students well prepared for the labor market in terms of non-technical skills?
  • Expectation mismatch
    • Do students know what engineering is and what engineers do?
  • Lack of self-reflection
    • Do students know what kind of engineer they want to be?


Based on this reflective instrument, 2 tests were developed.

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  • focus on early career engineers
    • in order to manage expectations;
  • independent of discipline or sector
    • ​​​​in order to address non-technical competencies);
  • endorsed by the professional field and higher education
    • in order to involve all stakeholders in regard to the mismatch;
  • dynamic to use
    • in order to address the dynamic labor market ánd the applicability in education.


Research showed that a better understanding of the professional future and engineering identity had positive results for student learning and study choices, and for employability and job satisfaction. The PREFER model is a valuable instrument to create professional and self-awareness. It triggers reflection and understanding of what engineers do and what engineer one wants to be.

(c) Craps, Pinxten and Langie (2018)

3 roles ...

a more innovative role (focus on new edge ideas and products), a role focused on optimization (increasing efficiency and reliability) and a client-focused role (customer-tailored) were developed, regardless of the engineering discipline. 

with a different set of essential competencies.

a set of professional (non-technical) competencies that industry requires to be successful in the different roles were identified in close collaboration with engineers and HR managers from SME's and large companies in different fields. 

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